Four Tips to Actively Embrace Aging

They don’t call them the “golden years” for nothing! While most of us think of youth as life’s most carefree time, the Gallup Global 2019 Emotions Report found that as those surveyed got older, they also reported less overall life stress.

At Sopris Lodge at Carbondale, we know that actively embracing aging and the unique joys it affords can be just as beneficial as the idea of “aging well” or “healthy aging.” That’s why we provide quality senior living services, amenities and support to help residents make the most out of every day. Here, we’ve compiled a few suggestions for how you too can start making peace with aging and living life to the fullest.

Explore your hobbies: Retirement is a wonderful time to revisit interests and passions you may have put aside while holding down a career, a home or a family. At senior living communities like ours, residents have the time, space and resources to truly engage in what they love, whether that means taking a fitness class, playing a round of cards with friends, finally finishing that knitting project, or reading a bestseller in one of the comfortable gathering spaces.

Appreciate your free time: Getting older makes it easier to develop insight into what we personally need to achieve contentment in this life. Once we do, we can start focusing on enjoying the present. Residents at senior lifestyle communities can use their free time however they wish. Some choose to fill their days with friends and activities, others prefer to relax in their apartments, while still others focus on maintaining a healthy balance of each.

Adjust your expectations: Aging helps us calibrate our expectations for what we can accomplish, and how happy it will make us feel. Once we realize the time left to us to significantly change our lives is limited, the idea of focusing solely on what makes us happy can be quite reassuring. Embrace the freedom to reserve your focus for what brings the greatest joy and fulfillment.

Abandon “old age” stereotypes: Aging looks different for everyone these days, and today’s seniors are free to celebrate aging any way they want, knowing there is no limit on what they can do or enjoy.

At Sopris Lodge, residents enjoy access to quality services and amenities that make it easy for them to grow, thrive and make the most of every day, including our fitness room, media center, library, greenhouse, courtyard and patios, outdoor hot tub, bistro, private dining rooms, community rooms and lounges, as well as participation in scheduled activities, programming, and events. Our dedicated Life Enrichment Director oversees a robust activities calendar—driven by resident interests and requests—and our caring team members encourage residents to embrace their age and abilities and make the most of every day.

Are you interested in a senior living community where age is no object, where expanding your horizons is encouraged and you can try something new every day? Call 970-340-4460 or visit us online to learn how Sopris Lodge at Carbondale can help you live life on your terms, at any age.

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